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3 years ago

Texas county mayor shoots gator, seeks revenge for mini-horse

TomoNews US
TomoNews US
LIVINGSTON,TEXAS — The mayor of Livingston, Texas decided to take matters into her own hands and shot dead an alligator she believed ate her miniature horse, reports The Houston Chronicle.

Judy B. Cochran believes the 12-foot-long, 580-pound alligator could have eaten her miniature horse several years ago as it was much larger than other alligators in the area.

She used a dead racoon as a bait for the alligator, caught it and hooked it up.

After that, Cochran fired a single shot straight into the gator's head.

The grandmother did receive some negative comments for killing the gator, but she believed it would have become a nuisance to another person if she didn't handle it.

She promised the alligator wouldn't go to waste as parts of it would be prepared into meat for food, and boots to wear.

Apparently, Cochran isn't the first in her family to kill an alligator. Her grandson apparently killed an even bigger alligator when he was just 5 years old.

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