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Said a Prayer for 9/11 Victims and Families - Talking about The Walking Dead - Tips for helping you to Focus and Boost Creativity

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Said a Prayer for 9/11 Victims and Families...
Talking about The Walking Dead!!!
Tips for helping you to Focus and Boost Creativity

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Hello #dtubers and #steemians,

Today's video is about several things. But First and Foremost, I want to say My Sincere Condolences to all of the 911 Victims and their Survivors, their Families. I said a prayer this morning for all of their Souls and their surviving Family Members and Loved ones. It was a horrible day and it should have never happened. I won't get into the politics of it but I am truly sorry for what happened.

Let's talk the about the Amazing T.V. Show "The Walking Dead" I absolutely love this show and it begins again on October 7th, 2018. But what??? No More Rick Grimes. No Way... I am a huge Daryl and Carol Fan Myself but No RICK??? WoW... It will be interesting to see what happens after Rick Grimes in the Show.

I give some tips and Advice about how to "Boost Your Creativity and Focus" when your "Creating your Content". Listening to music that disconnects you from the thoughts of the world like work, fun times with friends or what have you, will help you with this. I explain why in this video.

Big Shout Out to Shout Out to eseller, Gaylan( ray00), lixmoney, awaiicrush, ustyy, r1, and onwarped

Peace and God Speed everyone. May all of your Dreams and Adventures always bring you Happiness and Success. Always Love YOur Self because you deserve it. You are a Miracle of Life. And Always Prosper in Peace, Happiness, and Love First in Life.

I always say Thank you to all of the Amazing and Special People in My Life. My Beautiful Fiance Vanja. I hope you feel better soon My Love. I am praying for your quick recovery. My Beautiful Children Angeles and David and all of My Family in Norway, Thailand ( tewsak), Mexico and the USA. I Love All of You with All My Heart.

Thank you to all of you Awesome and Wonderful #steemians, #dtubers, tube, nelovedtube, elpie, teemit, cooperation, ladivostok, and dsactly for all the beautiful comments, wonderful friendships, love, and mega support every day. Always Much Love to All of You.

Talk again soon. eronimorubio

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