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3 years ago

Tourists watch pride of lioness hunting down baby buffalo

A group of tourists watched a pride of hungry lioness hunting down a buffalo calf.

In the clip, captured in Kruger National Park, a herd of buffalo charges towards a pride of six lionesses.

As the lionesses move away slightly, the herd of buffalo turns back. One of the lionesses seizes the moment and snatches a young calf from the herd.

She is quickly joined by the rest of the pride trying to bring down the calf.

An adult buffalo attempts to charge the pride but a lioness quickly grabs the calf by the head and runs off with it into the bush with the rest of the lionesses following.

The filmer writes: ''The lionesses disappeared into a thick bush to enjoy their meal while the buffalo decided it was better to move on.

''To see the brutal reality of the African bush happening so quickly right in front of us was something we will never forget.''

The clip was captured on August 27.

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