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President pulls all strings through meeting with heads of local government to handle job crisis

Arirang News
Arirang News
문재인 대통령, 17개 시도지사들과 일자리 간담회

We'll start at the Blue House, where President Moon met today with the leaders of Korea's 17 local governments.
It was the first meeting of its kind since the local elections in June,... and they talked about ways to boost job creation and revitalize the economy.
Shin Se-min reports.
President Moon Jae-in and the heads of 17 provincial and city governments put their heads together on Thursday to come up with ways to churn out more jobs and breathe life into the economy,… starting at the local level.

"We might have different political affiliations and different jobs, but we are partners in running and developing the Republic of Korea."

President Moon was firm on the idea that cooperation between central and local governments is crucial.

"Now is the time to change our economic paradigm. Regional governments should devise and lead their respective job creation projects knowing that they have the support of the central government. We'll see creative projects spring up when regional governments foster them and help them out financially."

And although the regions came to the table with different backgrounds in terms of their regional characteristics,… they are all planning to pursue the central government's economic plans,... which fall under seven categories.
Those projects,… which will also be backed by the relevant ministries include,… inter-Korean business cooperation, improving the lives of the people through better infrastructure and supporting small and mid-sized businesses.
Pinpointing the need to move away from the top-down policymaking process,… the President called for a more fruitful, bottom-up communication process instead,… and proposed holding meetings like this on a regular basis.
Though the President is pulling out all the stops to be a "jobs president," like he promised to do,… time will tell what progress he's made, starting with the next jobs report.
Shin Se-min, Arirang News."

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