How to Make Barbie Clothes with Balloons Dresses / Outfits - Easy Doll Crafts

  • 6 years ago
How to Make No Sew Balloon Dresses / Outfits - Easy Doll Crafts. Learn how to make a barbie dress with balloons. in less than 1 minute


About the Magical World of Mrs. Merve:

Merve is the owner of the magic shop "The Magic Hands" and she is a human with magical crafting powers to solve the problems of all the dolls in the world, with the help of her assistant, Tinker Belle, who helps to transport the dolls with problems to the shop, Merve solves the problems of each doll using her magic hands and most of the time using things that in the human world is considered to be waste material.

Some dolls with their own magic powers or magical users (such as Rapunzel, Aladin, Elsa, Ariel, Aurora, Sofia, Cinderella, Jasmine, Mother Gothel, Dr McStuffins, Apple, Maddie, Raven, etc.) can transport themselves to this magical world and ask Mrs. Merve's help. Mrs. Merve shows you how to solve the problems of the dolls so that you can help your own dolls at home.