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Exhibit showcase Korea's folk paintings, medical history

Arirang News
Arirang News
Let's switch gears to some cultural-related news now.
There are plenty of exhibitions and art shows for you to check out in Seoul this summer,... everything from giant floating installations to century-old medical texts.
Our Park Se-young takes us through what's on offer as we enter the tailend of summer in the Korean capital.
This Korean folk painting, or minhwa, of a tiger and magpie is not an objective representation, but it evokes curiosity.
These paintings from the Joseon Dynasty often look unrefined but are full of playful and free expressions.
An exhibition showcasing 70 minhwa paintings runs through August 26th at the Seoul Arts Center with hopes that the paintings get seen as fine art.

"The perspective on minhwa is continuously changing. This exhibition displays how far the folk paintings have come and provides a new view of aesthetics."

This summer, Seokchon Lake in southeastern Seoul has been occupied by a 28-meter art installation by U.S. pop artist KAWS.
The artist's famous "Companion" character, which wishes everyone to "Take time off and rest," will be on display in the middle of the lake until August 19th.
Art installations on the lake, starting with "Rubber Duck" in 2014, have been attracting more than five million people each year.
This exhibition showcases the first book on the human anatomy in Hangeul, published in 1906, …and explores how Western medicine was introduced during Korea's brief enlightenment period.
The exhibition, which runs through October 14th at the National Hangeul Museum, recalls how Koreans accepted Western medicine, and how it changed their language and thoughts about the human body.
Park Se-young, Arirang News.

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