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How to Make 30-50$ per hr by Browsing Websites 100% Legit 2018

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- What’s the standard incentives for testers?

Our standard incentive (which is included in your credit price) for a 30 minute interview is €20 ($25 in the United States) and is passed directly to testers via PayPal. We've found that for B2C focused research, this incentive level works well to attract testers.

- Can we change the tester incentive amount?

If you have more niche tester requirements, we can increase the incentive amount for you and increase your credit price accordingly to help attract more users to your research.
When you're looking to interview testers from a niche audience, we may recommend increasing the incentive from €20 to €40. This would increase your credit price from €75 to €95.
When you're looking for experienced professionals and you operate in the B2B field, we may need to increase the tester incentive to anything between €40-120, depending on the exact field and experience you're looking for.

- What’s the difference between PingPong and

There are quite a few differences as we're focusing on moderated user interviews—the ones where a researcher leads a live video interview with the research participant and actively engages with them.

- Can I use PingPong with my teammates?

Absolutely! It's very easy to create a team with centralised billing in your PingPong account. You can add as many teammates as you like, so any of them can set up new research and browse through your research history.
It's also possible for your teammates to sit in on live research interviews as Observers. It's the digital equivalent of a one-way mirror!

- How many research studies and interviews can I run?

There are no limitations here. We charge per interview, so simply top up your account with credits whenever you want to run more interviews.

- How many concurrent studies can I run?

We have no limitations here either. Does your team need to run 5 different research interviews at the same time with different criteria? With PingPong you can!

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