GAB3 Reflects on Working with A$AP Yams, Drake, and Being a Young Creative

  • 6 years ago
For the latest entry in our IRL interview series, we're shining the spotlight on multi-talented artist GAB3.

"I like hanging out with people that just work at, like, a restaurant or some shit like that," GAB3 tells us, breaking down what motivates him and influences his sound. "Those are, like, real people. That's the whole side of America that ... I like to make art for."

Elsewhere, GAB3 credits A$AP Yams' initial interest in his sonic and visual style with giving his career its greatest boost, gives advice for individuals trying to follow in his footsteps, his time in Tokyo and his direct inspirations. "I've always been super inspired by, like, vintage LA -- '90s LA nightclub."

Lastly, the 90210 and Starwalk architect closes out our exchange with some words of motivation for the youth. "I just wanna show kids that you can make an impact on the world in a huge way -- no matter what circumstances you're coming from," GAB3 says. "Whether you're in LA or you're in Texas, whether you're Instagram famous or you're not Instagram famous, it's not as hard as you think to make a mark on the culture in a major way."

For the previous edition of our IRL series, we talked to NYC creative mastermind Bloody Osiris about jail, his relationship with Virgil Abloh, hustling on social media and more.

Music: Ryan Little - Kick, Push

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