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3 years ago

Popular The Best Ever Book of Nurse Jokes: Lots and Lots of Jokes Specially Repurposed for

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If you ve ever heard a Jewish, Blond, Italian, Irish, Blond, Libyan, Catholic, Mexican, Polish, Australian, Norwegian, or an Essex Girl, Newfie, Mother-in-Law, or joke aimed at a minority, this book of nurse jokes is for you. In this not-so-original book, The Best Ever Book of Nurse Jokes; Lots and Lots of Jokes Specially Repurposed for You-Know-Who, Mark Young takes a whole lot of tired, worn out jokes and makes them funny again. The book of nurse jokes is so unoriginal, it s original. And, if you don t burst out laughing from at least one nurse joke in this book, there s something wrong with you. This book has so many nurse jokes, you won t know where to start. For example: Why do nurses wear slip-on shoes? You need an IQ of at least 4 to tie a shoelace. *** A nurse and his wife were sitting around the breakfast table one lazy Sunday morning. The Nurse turned to his wife and said: "When I die, I want you to sell all my stuff." "Why would you want me to do that?," asked his wife. "I figure that you ll eventually remarry, and I don t want some asshole using my stuff," replied the nurse. The nurse s spouse said: "What makes you think I d marry another asshole?" *** Did you hear about the nurse who wore two jackets when he painted his house? The instructions on the can said: "Put on two coats." *** Why do nurses laugh three times when they hear a joke? Once when it is told, once when it is explained to them, and once when they understand it.