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4 years ago

Digital book Growing Great Employees: Turning Ordinary People into Extraordinary Performers

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How to develop an all-star staff, even if you don t know the first thing about managing ""Your employees are, like you and me, flawed and hopeful human beings whose success is at least partly dependent on your skill as a manager, human beings who will thrive with skillful and consistent attention and wither without it."" Erika Andersen has helped some of the best-managed companies in the world develop their employees. Now she explains how to stay ahead of the competition by investing in your people. You ll discover that: - "Listening is your most powerful asset." Use it to motivate and build commitment. - "Everything you know about interviewing is wrong." Discover what you really need in a potential employee. - "Successful companies hire for keeps." Get people feeling like part of the team from day one. Whether you re a first-time manager or a senior executive, Andersen will help you create a dynamic workplace, where the efforts you make today will blossom into success for years to come.