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## Hey there lovely peeps!

So unfortunately this is our last vlog from Jordan. We had such amazing 7 days in the country and OMG we were totally blown away by how beautiful Jordan is and by how welcoming and amazing the people are.
In this vlog we are going back to Amman from Wadi Rum and taking a day trip to the Dead Sea - can you really float in the water? If you wanna know make sure to check out our vlog.

If you are interested in going to Jordan and haven't seen our previous vlogs and blogs about this magical middle east county make sure to check out our channel because there are plenty of inspirations for you to get excited.

**Useful info from the vlog:**

* Bus from Aqaba to Amman - 8JD (approx 10Euros or 12 USD)
* Private car to the Dead Sea - 10 JD per person
* Entrance in the water park - 5 JD per person
* Jeep ride to Aqaba from Wadi Rum - included in our stay - usually anything from 10 JD to 20 JD

Anyhow, if you have any question about Wadi Rum (where we stay etc.) or Jordan in general, please feel free to contact us or leave a comment down below. We would be so glad to help you guys out as much as we can.

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#### Love you all!
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