Alexander Wang Shows Us His Love Letter to America

  • 6 years ago
For his latest presentation, Alexander Wang did away with following the traditional fashion runway calendar. Instead, he opted to show in early June on the rooftop of Manhattan’s Pier 19. “COLLECTION 1” is Wang’s homage to America, proudly reflecting the 34-year-old designer’s “pride in being an American with immigrant roots.” The sentiment can be seen in the range as stars and stripes are evident in some of the designs that are elevated with a sense of rebellion in the leathers, lace and streetwear-focused silhouettes.

HYPEBEAST was able to sit down and follow the veteran creative through his whole process for the collection’s presentation. He divulges further on his inspiration as well as taking us through every bit of detail that’s needed to execute a show of this magnitude. Afterall, with Wang being one of the most heralded designers in the industry, nothing short than perfection is expected from the first look until the final walk-through.