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Popular A Rhetoric for Writing Program Administrators (Writing Program Administration) Full

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Writing Program Administration Series | Editors: Susan H. McLeod and Margot Soven | Influenced by Erika Lindemann s A Rhetoric for Writing Teachers, A RHETORIC FOR WRITING PROGRAM ADMINISTRATORS delineates the major issues and questions in the field of writing program administration and provides readers new to that field with theoretical lenses through which to view those issues and questions. In brief and direct though not oversimplified chapters, A RHETORIC FOR WRITING PROGRAM ADMINISTRATORS explains the historical and theoretical background of such concepts as "academic freedom," "first-year composition," "basic writing," "writing across the curriculum," "placement," "ESL," "general education," and "transfer. " Its thirty-nine contributors are seasoned writing program and center administrators who, in a range of voices, map the discipline of writing program administration and guide readers toward finding their own answers to solving problems at their own institutions. Edited by RITA MALENCZYK, contributors include Linda Adler-Kassner, Paul V. Anderson, Chris M. Anson, Hannah Ashley, William P. Banks, Mary R. Boland, Christiane Donahue, Doug Downs, Lauren Fitzgerald, Tom Fox, Chris W. Gallagher, Roger Gilles, Gregory R. Glau, Eli Goldblatt, Robert M. Gonyea, Kristine Hansen, Susanmarie Harrington, Douglas Hesse, Melissa Ianetta, Joseph Janangelo, Seth Kahn, Neal Lerner, Rita Malenczyk, Peggy O Neill, Charles Paine, Melody Pugh, E. Shelley Reid, Kelly Ritter, Shirley K Rose, Dan Royer, Carol Rutz, Eileen E. Schell, David E. Schwalm, Gail Shuck, Martha A. Townsend, Elizabeth Vander Lei, Elizabeth Wardle, Irwin Weiser, and Stephen Wilhoit. | Rita Malenczyk is Professor of English and Director of the Writing Program and Writing Center at Eastern Connecticut State University, where she has directed the writing program since 1994 and the writing center since 2008. Her work on writing program and center administration has appeared in numerous journals (including WPA: