About For Books Orthodontic Treatment Mechanics and Preadjusted Appliances For Kindle

  • 6 years ago
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Published by Mosby-Wolfe 1993 in Hardback. There is a dedication on the front page, slightly bend in corners but in good condition.The introduction of the Straight Wire or Pre-adjusted Appliance, in the 1970s, was regarded as a significant advance in orthodontic practice. Its increasing use has led to a better understanding of treatment mechanics, yielding reliable and consistent results, to the satisfaction of both practitioner and patient. Today, the pre-adjusted appliance is widely accepted as the system of choice by orthodontic practitioners world-wide.;In this book, featuring over 600 colour photographs and line diagrams, the authors lead the reader through each of the key areas of orthodontic treatment using this technique including: appliance selection and placement, archwire design, levelling and overbite control, space closure, detailing and finishing.;Numerous case histories are illustrated with over 470 colour photographs showing stage by stage the management of specific clinical problems in children and young adults, so enabling readers to apply appropriate corrective techniques to their own patients.;Features of this include internationally recognized expert authors; descriptions of techniques used in almost every dental school and by 80-90% of practitioners; guidance on treatment of problem cases; notes on treatment of problem cases; and case histories of both adults and children, with illustrations.