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Popular Book Strategy-In-Action: Marrying Planning, People and Performance: Volume 3 (Global

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Economic crises and the meltdown of some of the world s major financial firms make it clear: traditional strategic planning no longer guarantees success. Uncertainty and change, globalization, empowered consumers, and flatter hierarchies call for a new approach. Strategy-in-Action shows, through cutting-edge research and compelling cases, how companies ended the long-standing divorce between planners and implementers. One saved $200 million from people power and another made 74 million from innovation. CEOs and strategists will find a systematic roadmap for win- ning strategies: how to stand in the future, get intelligence from far-flung locations, give voice to dissenters, maximize ownership, screen out losers efficiently, and produce quick wins. In short, Strategy-in-Action gives readers the art and science of planning, people, and performance. "The insights will force you to think and then rethink what you thought you knew." - Malcolm Elvey, Chairman, Academy of Chief Executives "The only strategy book I know that integrates strategy alignment, high- ly pragmatic execution and performance, and the human element in one seamless process." - Dr. Frank Waltmann, Head of Learning, Novartis AG "A systematic, almost foolproof methodology for building the company s strategy with maximum ownership and results. This book is hands-on, entertaining and efficient-and sure to add value to your company." - Dr. Alexander V. Herzog, CFO Ruf Group, CEO AVATECH & Ruf Svcs."