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Popular Keep It Simple Selling: The Comprehensive Auto Sales Training Manual Full

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"Keep It Simple Selling" is all about shortcuts! Let s make selling cars easier. . . Let s make selling trucks faster. . . And for heaven s sake, let s make it fun! Imagine for a moment how it would feel if you could sell cars just by being yourself and finding ways to serve others naturally and easily. How would your life be different if sales opportunities continuously dropped out of the sky and into your lap, with no stress or struggle? Would you like to sell 80 percent of the people you talk to every day? The automotive business is a gold mine. Not just for a few natural salespeople---for anyone. In this industry, anyone can advance as far as they want. There s no barrier to entry, and there s no glass ceiling. Your raise becomes effective when you do. Damian Boudreaux started out cleaning parts in his friend s transmission shop. From there, he tried and stumbled and tried again to sell more cars than the month before. It wasn t until he began to open his eyes and pay attention to the people around him that he understood what it really takes to succeed in the automotive business. The lessons he learned during his journey to becoming a consistently top-selling salesman are humbling and inspiring at the same time."