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4 years ago

Best ebook An Introduction to Polymer Science (Chemistry) Review

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Polymer science at its best! A completely new approach reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of polymer science! Modern polymer science is firmly rooted not only in the chemistry of macromolecules but also in their physical chemistry and physics. Furthermore, this modern insight provides the reader with information on the three most important uses of synthetic polymers: elastomers, fibers, and plastics. Biopolymers are also considered. This book fulfills the need for a volume which introduces polymer science in a straightforward, rigorous, and practical way. It is divided into four parts that cover the chemistry, physical chemistry, physics, and technology of polymers. Whenever possible, physical equations are not just presented but are derived step by step from first principles enabling the newcomer to ease smoothy into the subject. The reference to industrial aspects makes this book an indispensable support for both students and professionals.