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4 years ago

Birth captured on dash-cam shows moment baby is delivered in hospital car park

This could be the UK's first birth ever captured on a dash-cam.

Heavily pregnant Kara Lee, 28, was being rushed to a hospital in Nottingham, central England, by husband Lee, 32, when she suddenly got the urge to push.

The couple were in the hospital car park when a nurse dashed over to help but it was too late to get Kara inside.

The couple’s dashcam on the couple’s blue Ford Grand C Max car captured the moment Kara gave birth to 8lbs 4oz Kaitlyn.

On the video, a midwife is heard telling Kara: "The head is visible but we might be able to quickly transfer her in on a wheelchair."

Kara then tells the midwife: "I can feel her coming out."

The midwife says: "All right sweet, let's see what happens with the next contraction - I feel like we can really quickly wheel you in."

Kara can then be heard moaning and screaming, while the midwife then tells a colleague: "No, we're not going to have enough time to go in, breathe, breathe ... let the baby out."

Moments later the midwife is heard laughing and says: "Hello baby, have we got a towel."

An exhausted Kara asks her: "Is she all right?"

The midwife then replies: "She's fine - she's just thinking about having a cry. Well done Kara, we'll get you a wheelchair, when you're ready we will transfer you in."

Dash-cam recorded Kaitlyn being born in the car park of Nottingham City Hospital at 3.07pm last Thursday (July 12).

After several agonising screams, baby Kaitlyn is heard crying before Kara is taken into the hospital by a team of midwives.

Kara, who has three other sons with Lee, of Daybrook, in Nottingham, said: “We completely forgot about the dashcam still being switched on.

“You can’t see anything because it’s pointed out the back window but you can hear all you need to hear.

“We were there for about an hour and I felt a few cramps at the time but they were quite far apart.

“When we got back home – the cramps were every five minutes and I knew it was time.

“As I got into the car my water broke an as we pulled into the car park I couldn’t move – I felt her head coming out.

“We set off to the hospital at around 3pm and my water broke as soon as I got in the car.

“I knew I was going to be able to make into the hospital as I felt the baby’s head – I even asked if I should get in the boot.

“Even though we live close by it was horrible because we had to drive over speed bumps.

“It was about ten minutes from my water breaking to me giving birth in the car park.

“You never think it will happen to you- that’s why it was a massive shock to us.

“It was a really quick birth – two pushes and she was out.

“I just wanted it over really – there was around about six midwives and a doctor around me.

“I was discharged at around 8pm and was able to take the baby home with us.

“After having three boys I am really happy to now have a girl.

“The boys are great with her – they’ve been great through the whole process.”

Proud dad Stewart, an electrician, added: “Kara just said she wasn’t going to make it inside the hospital and said she could feel the head coming out.

“I had a look myself and I felt it too.

“The midwives were amazing – I can’t thank them enough.

“The midwives even managed to put a couple of screens around the car so we could have some privacy.

“As people walked past they heard the screams so must have thought ‘what’s going on over there?’

“We tried to get Kara out of the car and into a wheelchair after the birth but it was hard as the umbilical cord was still attached.”

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