Popular How to Get Your Share of the 30-Plus Billion Dollar Being Offered by U.S. Foundations: A

  • 6 years ago
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Currently, there are more than 65,000 foundations in the United States. One of the largest is the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation(SM), which has approximately $33 billion in assets and paid out an estimated 2.8 billion in grants in recent years. The Rockefeller Foundation recently gave $3.5 million to help fund the rebuilding of New Orleans and committed an additional $70 to an initiative aiming to build the resistance of communities vulnerable to climate change. Other foundations with funds to disperse include the Ben & Jerry s Foundation, the Tiger Woods Foundation, and The Ford Foundation. Foundations are one of the best sources of funding for an organization s projects. In fact, foundations grant over $32.2 billion in tax-exempt funds each year. How to Get Your Share of the $30-Plus Billion Being Offered by U.S. Foundations will show you how to get some of these funds to help your organization achieve its goals. In this book, you will learn about the different types of foundations, including private independent, corporate, family, and community, and how to identify a foundation to fund your project. You will learn how to qualify for grants; how to write a proposal; how to locate foundations in your subject area, geographic area, and that provide the support you need; and how to fill out a grant application. How to Get Your Share of the $30-Plus Billion Being Offered by U.S. Foundations will also teach you how to create an effective proposal by walking you through each section, including the cover letter, the executive summary, the statement of need, the goals and objectives, the specific and measurable outcomes, the assessment process, and the budget. You will even learn how to write letters of inquiry that will grab the foundation s attention. This book is filled with valuable information for organizations seeking funding from foundations. In addition to the list of directories and resources we have compiled, there are also insightful interviews with foundation