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4 years ago

EBOOK Reader Savvy Women Revving Up for Success: Women Making a Difference in the World Today

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Savvy Women Revving Up for Success: Women Making a Difference in the World Today. 20 SAVVY WOMEN CONTRIBUTING AUTHORS: Susie Augustin, Irina Baker, Claudia Cooley, Patty Cotton, Xiomara Escobar, Nancy Ferrari, Jan Fowler, Bonnie G. Hanson, Kelli C. Holmes, Mary Lou Hunter, Gillian Larson, Laura Neubauer, Stacey O Byrne, Heather Pich, Victoria Schumacher, Maria Serbina, Linda L. Smith, Kim Somers Egelsee, Dr. Jody Stanislaw, Linda Van Kessler. Foreword by Michelle Patterson. HEALTH Living Healthy is Living Life in Balance, Body Mind Spirit. Revving Up for Success and realizing successful outcomes require living a life in balance. This is where you find real fulfillment, happiness, fun, freedom and abundance. You will find a common thread in truly successful people and the women in this book - that living in gratitude overflows into contribution. It s in their truly authentic success that their giving back to the world flows from. WEALTH Creating Wealth and Abundance, That Overflows to Contribution. The Bible states, "To whom much is given, much will be required." This is a beautiful reminder that if we have been entrusted with much: talents, wealth, knowledge, time, abilities and the like, it s required to give it back to benefit others. We find this cleverly paraphrased, in Uncle Ben s words of wisdom to Peter Parker in Spiderman, "With great power comes great responsibility." It s from my own experience that I have found two truths, many more really, but for today... First, the more you have, the more opportunity you have to bless others. Second, you cannot outgive. The minute you give from your gifts and resources, it comes back even fuller and richer than before. RELATIONSHIPS Building Strong Relationships, With Yourself and Others. In my mind, I picture the people that have crossed my path and have been on the journey with me. I see it in my mind so clearly as my life s tapestry. I can see it so vividly, a display of colors and delicate threads. In the early yea