China Company Donates "Humbrella" to Help African Children Get Electricity

6 years ago
Chinese clean energy company Hanergy Group launched its "Lighting Africa" Humbrella CSR Project on April 27th. Embassadors from 22 African countries attended the event held in Hanergy Renewable Energy Exhibition Center, where Hanergy Group announced that they will donate over one million Yuan worth of solar-powered umbrellas to children in Africa who are in short supply of electricity.

(Interview) Sergey Lyu (Vice President of Hanergy Thin Film Power Group): Hanergy has the best thin-film technology. We just want to use this technology to do more application and for the localization.

The canopy of the "Humbrella" is embeded with CIGS thin-film solar cells which have the world's highest module conversion efficiency. One "Humbrella" can generate up to 153 Watt-hours of electricity per day, fulfilling the needs of charging 10 mobile phones or providing the light for 10 children to read during night. With cables and USB ports integrated within the ribs, it can easily be used to charge electronical devices or small appliances.

(Interview) An Rongbang (President of Global Application Product Development Center): One of our solar panel's advantages compared to the traditional technology is that, especially under weak light environment, our solar panel can still work. But traditional one doesn't.

The "Humbrella" is also ergonomically designed to better serve African children's needs. It has windproof structure, battery indicator and a small tray to place books.

(Interview) Sergey Lyu: We call that "Humbrella". That means, not for the Hanergy, but for the hope.
I would like to think, maybe in the future, most people, most children, can read everyday.

The effort of the "Lighting Africa" project is well-received among Embassadors.

(Interview) Mr. Kouadio Severin (Economic Counsellor of Cote D'Ivoire Embassy in Beijing): We think that's a really good project. Especially for the new type of mobile energy that's about. We think this technology is more suited to African country, especially in our countryside.

Hanergy Group said they will work with China NGO Network for International Exchanges to deliver the "Humbrellas" to Africa as soon as possible.