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il y a 4 ans

Comment dessiner une ville avec une perspective dramatique étape par étape

Circle Line Art School
Learn a very simple way to draw a City, looking up at buildings. See

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In this video I use one point perspective to make the illusion of looking up at skyscrapers. If you would like to draw this image, it is easy to change the buildings you draw and still keep the perspective. After you draw a dot for the vanishing point in the middle of your page, you then draw straight lines from that dot to the edge of your page. These are the sides of your buildings. The very tops of the buildings, if they are flat, should be parallel to the edges of your paper.

This art project works well as a lesson plan for children. I hope you like and share this video and that you subscribe to my You Tube channel if you would like many more art videos.

I hope you have a go at drawing your own version soon too!

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