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Hog Derby Duels Episode 2 "Tense Duels! Part 2"

Hog Derby Duels Episode 2
"Tense Duels! Part 2"
This is the second part of the two-parter than began with Episode 1. What will happen after Dos launches his vehicle over the cliff?

Hog Derby Duels is made by dariusofwest and Hog Derby Productions.

Episode Written by Paul Weaver
Directed by Allan Brown (dariusofwest)
Foley by Karasuro (Not-so-Great Entertainment)
Filming by Steven Ring
Edited by Matt Levonian
Visual FX by Morgan Hendricks
Musical Score by Allan Brown
Starring Cody Coker , Stephin Woods and James Firkins
Introducing Steven Mallott as Tenacious
Narrated by Bryan Cox