"Blind" Cheetah Robot Can Climb And Jump…Wait Until You See What Else Is New!

  • 6 years ago
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"Blind" Cheetah Robot Can Climb And Jump…Wait Until You See What Else Is New!

The Robot Human race is on. The advancement in robotics is happening at such a fast pace that it will soon be hard to tell the difference between man and machine. Today we are going to explore the most recent, at least most recent published, features of the most current robots…to say you’ll be shocked by what you’ll see is an understatement.

MIT has now released footage of their “Blind” Cheetah, a robot that can maneuver up stairs with no vision sensors…simply through algorithms created to tell the machine how to balance and react to obstacles in its way. As the article states this could be extremely beneficial for exploring disaster areas or other harsh environments but is there more to the design? Why so much footage on it be kicked or pushed to the side and showing that it won’t fall over…just simply catch its balance and continue forward?

No matter what your position on the development of autonomous robots everyone should fear the implications of someday losing control of these designs. Even though we are continually sold the thought process that they are designing them to help improve our human existence why then are we only training them is to mimic our movements? I understand that mimicry is the highest form of flattery but it is also the quickest road to replacement.

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