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3 years ago

When you're supposed to be working... lad plays electric guitar with a welding gun

This mechanic was supposed to be working... instead he sent sparks flying as he larked around with the ultimate electric guitar.

Nopphon Mammai, 25, used a metal sheet to cut out the shape of a heavy metal rock guitar - and even attached a chain as a guitar strap.

With the instrument hanging around his body, Nopphon used a welding gun to touch the 'fret board' - sending sparks flying in the air with each 'strum'.

The amusing footage was captured at Nopphon's workplace in Buriram, Thailand, on July 6 at 1.30pm as he listened to heavy metal outfit Slipknot in the background.

He said: ''I did it because I love rock music. It's just a funny joke. But I don't want anybody to try and copy it because they might injure themselves. It's something for people to watch and entertain them.''

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