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4 years ago

Ethan Hawke thinks 'Before' characters could be back

Splash News FR
Splash News FR
Ethan Hawke thinks he and Julie Delpy could reunite for more movies in the 'Before' saga.

The two stars first appeared as Jesse and Celine in Richard Linklater's 1995 movie 'Sunrise', and went on to reunite in 'Sunset' in 2004 and again in 2013's 'Midnight', and though the 47-year-old actor thinks the director's trilogy is now complete, he feels there is scope for the beloved characters to continue their story in another way.

He told Sunday Times magazine: "My feeling is that the trilogy has come to an end.

"If there were another, it would break from the nine-year gaps we've had so far. You'd find Jesse and Céline at a very different age. Or maybe the movie to make is the death of one of them. It all takes place in a hospital, and they're in their eighties."

And Ethan even thinks the characters could move to a very different setting.

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