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Are the PATRIOTS fed up with GRONK?

CLNS Media Sports Network
CLNS Media Sports Network
BOSTON - It’s been a little over a month since the New England Patriots lost in the Super Bowl to the Philadelphia Eagles and while most of the dust has settled as teams gear up for draft and free agency, tight end Rob Gronkowski has left his team in limbo about his future plans.

While various reports have come out regarding whether Gronk will retire from football or return for the 2018 season, the Patriots have been waiting for the official word so they can move forward with various potential off-season moves.

Playing the waiting game as players make future decisions is one the Patriots don’t seem to like to take part in, and many have to assume that this process is starting to become frustrating for the organization.

With the NFL’s free agency period set to begin on March 14th, the Patriots would probably like to know if they need to be in search of a new TE to replace Gronk if he does decide to hang up his cleats to preserve his body and pursue opportunities outside of football.

When healthy, Gronk’s production on the field has... FULL ARTICLE HERE:


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