NBA Injuries (Durant, Lowry, Embiid), Knicks disaster, non-NBA players, and CBB What Ifs

  • 6 years ago
Today's show is a two-part episode. The first half of the episode features Danny Leroux and I talking about recent NBA injuries. First, we chat quickly about Kevin Durant, then pretty extensively about Kyle Lowry. Finally, we chat about Joel Embiid's injury and what it means for the Sixers going forward. 

Then, I bring on Reags from over at Barstool, where we chat about the difficulty of going on TV and the New York Knicks disaster. Then, we chat about how ridiculous it is to think any normal human could average two points per game in the NBA if guaranteed 15 minutes per game. Do we even think Terrell Owens, future Hall of Fame football player and former college basketball player, could do it? We then chat about the best gambling season of the year -- college basketball tournament season -- then finish up with our answers for what the greatest what-if is in the last 20 years of college basketball. 

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