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4 years ago

Cathedral of Seville, Largest Gothic Church - Spain Holidays

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Seville Cathedral is the largest Gothic cathedral in the world. According to information available, it was formerly the Almohad Mosque, converted into the cathedral of the archdiocese of the Kingdom of Seville. At the end of the fourteenth century, the mosque was badly damaged, at risk of ruin. It was then decided to demolish the Almohad building to build a Christian cathedral. Its construction was carried out in several phases over more than 500 years, resulting in a mixture of several architectural styles that provide its special beauty.

The Giralda tower is one of the highlights of Seville and one of its most representative buildings. It is the most visited monument of the city along with the Cathedral and the importance of the Giralda is justified because it is the bell tower of one of the largest churches in the world

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