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4 years ago

Billy Blanks - Tae Bo Express - Boot Camp Power

Now there's always time for Tae Bo! These 10-minute workouts use all of the best Tae Bor techniques in an Express format that gives you a serious workout in the shortest amount of time possible. Fast paced and energizing, each minute packs a real punch and will challenge you to push harder--maximizing your time. You can slim down, and tone up in as little as ten minutes. Or you can mix & match your favorite express workouts to get a custom routine tailored to your schedule and training goals. No matter how busy your schedule, these powerful express segments will work to get you Tae Bo fit!
Eight short segments, each with a different workout style or fitness goal. They all feature Billy's legendary energy, motivation and effectiveness. Each of the four aerobic segments emphasizes a different technique — punches/jabs, fast-footwork, varied kicks or a mix of all three motions. The three aero/tone programs blend targeted toning into classic Tae Bo fat-burning. They include both aero/tone intervals and targeted body-sculpting sequences (e.g. all upper body or all lower body). The all-toning section is primarily abs focused. No equipment needed; Billy uses controlled moves and your own body weight for resistance