China's Zhai Shanying Introduces Ecological Nation Theory As Humanity Shifts to a Life Online

6 years ago
Following the agricultural civilization and industrial civilization, the ever-

evolving Internet civilization is opening up a brand-new world for the human beings


In Beijing, Mr. Zhai Shanying, chairman of Puhua Commercial Group, proposed the

ecological nation theory after a study of the world history of economic and

technological development.

SOUNDBITE(Mandarin): Zhai Shanying, Chairman of Puhua Commercial Group
"Like the real world of the human beings, nations can be founded in the Internet

world today where our spiritual demands are satisfied."

"Once founded, such a nation can become a new source of economic growth, drive

considerable investments, create a brand-new market and enable the mankind to find

their ideal state and utopia."

In China, people are paying close attention to others' responses to their updates

in the Moments and the level of their role in the online game every day. It

demonstrates the increasing diversification of people's online life. As Zhai

Shanying forecasts, people's online living space is increasingly like an ecological


SOUNDBITE(Mandarin): Zhai Shanying, Chairman of Puhua Commercial Group
"We plan to turn this theory into an underlying theory of economics that can guide

the development of the human beings in the next 50 to 100 years in a real sense."

As Mr. Zhai believes, it is the prime time to found an "ecological nation" online

now. An enterprise can become a "creator" in the online "ecological nation" period

if advance strategic planning is in place.

SOUNDBITE(Mandarin): Zhai Shanying, Chairman of Puhua Commercial Group
"We have 3 products (football baby, BSC business alliance and fortune excavator)

which all have clear and definite vertical customer groups. Focusing on their

demands, we can create a full ecology for their spiritual world on the basis of

current R&D achievements."

The ecological nation theory of Mr. Zhai will better guide China's global venturing

efforts in the future era of block chain and promote the emergence of many future

Baidu, Tencent and Alibaba in the era of block chain and the Chinese who have

always been looking for corner overtaking.

SOUNDBITE(Mandarin): Zhai Shanying, Chairman of Puhua Commercial Group
"I would call for all enterprises to form an alliance led by Puhua and cooperate

with one another to found a series of ecological nations of the Chinese and attract

all vertical groups of China and the world to jointly create an enormous and new

source of economic growth."

"To the general public who may have only a life in the real world, an ecological

nation is expected to offer them numerous lives and different life experiences."