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4 years ago

Russia's 'cage football' gives hope to youths raised in Soviet-era mass housing

Russia's street football subculture, Korobka, is a gritty referee-less affair for amateurs of all ages.

People play in the courtyard cages known as "korobkas" – the graffiti-covered box surrounding an asphalt surface, used in the absence of other urban places to play. The mass housing of the Soviet Union saw homogenous microdistricts spring up, and in each one there was a strong focus on the importance of communal space for residents.

The rules can vary depending on the district in which the sport is being played. "I can have my own rules," wrote 30-year-old Ivan Saprykin (who also goes by the name 'Bizex'). "For example, after a goal, the team that missed the ball removes one player from the field. But, if the next goal is scored by the team with the lower number of players, then those who scored first loose."

The footage was recorded by Streetmadness, a street football collective based in Moscow.
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