Cute small Maltese puppy barking at funny toy little dog puppies playing bark voice

6 years ago
Cute small Maltese puppy barking at funny toy little dog puppies playing bark voice

These cute little puppies need a loving home. As soon as you look into their expressive eyes you will
want to make them your own! Pet and cuddle them. Their faces move and they even breathe, just like
a real animal. These super adorable pups are just waiting to be adopted by you!

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if you will, living your entire life in a dirty pen through summer, through winter, through fall,
through spring. You have little knowledge of the human race other than sometimes, they might throw over
a bite of food for you, but most of the time, they don't bother

This is where we spent the next 45 minutes. This person decided to turn the camera on so that you all could witness the beginning stage of his recovery
process. Her only goal for the day was to let him know that human touch was safe.

You are snared and placed into a crate ending up at a strange place where they poke you with needles, stick a probe up your butt, take your blood, remove
your testicles and give you funny pills that upset your stomach. You are then picked up by a transport van and
driven to your new unfamiliar temporary home where excited humans who seem like aliens greet you with love
and compassion.