10 Girl Struggles in the Summer! Struggles Every Girl Has!

  • il y a 6 ans
Hey friends:)\r
Todays video was about all the girl struggles that I experience during the summer! PLEASE TELL ME SOMEONE CAN RELATE?\r
Hope you guys enjoyed this video as much as I liked making it:)\r
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WHATS UP GUYS!! SO THIS WAS MY FIRST REAL LIFE COLLAB AND IT WAS HONESTLY SO COOL! I would never ever think i could ually meet someone from youtube and ually film a collab! It was so so so fun tho omg! ALSO THANKS SO MUCH FOR 3.8K ILY ALL YOU GUYS ARE CRAZY!!! TALK TO YOU THURSDAY!!!:))\r
Comment ‘I didnt choose the struggle life the struggle life chose me if you see this AND IF YOU DO ILY BECAUSE THATS A LOT TO TYPE