53-year-old discoveres the secret to eternal youth with daily face exercises

  • 5 years ago
Mum-of-two Louise Griffith, a sun-bed user and heavy smoker of 25 years, started developing wrinkles in her late thirties and noticed that her skin was beginning to sag.Instead of splashing out on expensive 'miracle' creams or going under the knife, she has created a unique trick for fending off old age - a gym routine for your FACE. Louise's easy ten-step programme tones every muscle in the face, enabling them to hold the skin up better. On day one, you carry out five exercises to lift the cheeks with pinching and prolonged smiling and pull the skin taut, which give facelift-like results, according to Louise. Day two involves five more exercises which stretch the skin on the neck, sharpen the jawline by making funny faces and tackle crows' feet by pulling the skin around the eyes. Each of the simple routines, which take just two minutes a day to complete, should be carried out at least once a week for optimum results. Louise, a lecturer who lives in Botley, Oxon., with her husband Mark, 57, an academic, said: "I think I look younger than most women my age now.