How to lose weight in Ramzan, follow these easy diet and exercise tips for fast results

  • 6 years ago
If you’re wise about what you consume during sehri and iftaar, you can shed the extra kilos.

Plan your sehri to keep you sustained

“Recipes involving oats and wholegrain bread should be included in pre-dawn meal as they help stay full,” says Alka Lohia, nutrionist and dietician, 6 Meal, Delhi.

“Consumption of caffeine should be avoided as it can lead to de hydration and longing for water.”

Keep the iftaar modest

Once when the fast is over during the evenings, one should begin with drinking fluids, preferably water or naturally sweetened drinks make up for the loss during the day.
“Swap high calorie and deep fried food with whole grains, fruits and vegetables and lean meat.
All three categories should be consumed, but eating in moderation is the key,” says Lohia.

Avoid the temptation of overeating at iftaar

Don’t shy away from exercise

Intermittent fasting (IF) has trainers and dieticians around the world changing their long-held beliefs of 6 small meals a day.
Intermittent Fasting involves fasting for 16-20 hours and consuming all your daily calories and nutrients within a 4-6 hour window.
“This is pretty much what you do when you’re fasting during Ramadan. So, it only makes sense to continue exercising during Ramadan in order to take full advantage of utilising a calorie deficit, which is ideal for those looking to reduce their body fat percentage,” Cannell explains.

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