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4 years ago

How Often Should You Train Each Muscle Group? | Professor Smalls

Overtraining. Undertraining. Training splits. Full body workouts. The list goes on and on when it comes to training and workout tactics. And while no specific proven way is wrong - it can get confusing with so much information out there on how you should specifically train to be like the pros on stage. That's why Fred "Biggie" Smalls has you covered with his comprehensive breakdown that explains exactly how much you should train each muscle group... and how to listen to your body to determine if you are training the right way.

No single person is different - that's what makes these workout guides and tips hard to be universal. Some things just don't work for you even though they work for someone else. That being said, Fred not only breaks down different tactics to turn you into a shredded mass monster - he also helps guide you into understanding what your body is telling you. This is how you will eventually come into a routine that works best for you.

So if you are worried that you might not be handling training like the pros - watch the full episode of Professor Smalls above. Soon you will be able to rest easy knowing you are doing everything in your power to have the best physique possible.

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