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4 years ago


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Lets Play Slender Scary Slenderman Tobuscus .\r
In this Slender gameplay commentary and Highlight , Toby gets more scared than a person of his age typically would, due to his inability to be masculine in any situation. This first indie survival horror video game causes notoriously bad gamer Toby Turner to pee all over himself repeatedly. He continuously gets scared and cries due to paranoia, Slenderman and noises that go bump in the night. There are several funny moments in this playthrough, none of which display any level of videogame talent on Tobuscus part, but serve for some hilarious horror compilation videos that were made and can be found in the TobyGames highlights playlist. For more of the scariest content, check out Tobys Limbo, Slender, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, Bioshock: Infinite, and more walkthrough playlists on the TobyGames channel.