The Kitten Saved by a Hunting Dog
  • 6 years ago
This is the story of Remy, a new born kitten that was found near death in the woods by our dog, and brought to us in the dogs mouth. Much to our surprise the kitten made it through the night and I brought him to the shelter the next day. The shelter would not take him due to low staffing and asked if I would be willing to try and save the cat by nursing it every 3 hours, helping it go to the bathroom, and keeping it warm. After it was weaned to cat food they would be able to take it and we had every intention to take him back. After about a week of taking care of him, we all fell completely in love and became incredibly attached. As he gained his health and began to grow up, he stole all of our hearts, including the dogs. We are thankful our dog brought this joy into our lives, and gave this cat another chance at a life he otherwise would not have survived.