Ep8. Batman Night of the Owls.

  • 6 years ago
Learn everything you need to know about Batman Night of Owls. \r
Night of the Owls is a major comic book story arc set in the DC Universe following The New 52. Written by Scott Snyder and penciled by Greg Capullo, the arc is a major crossover event, though the main arc is to be presented in the Batman comics. The story pits the superhero Batman against the fictitious Court of Owls organization as they attempt to take over Gotham City. As described by writer Kyle Higgins, theis the follow up to Batman: Gates of Gotham and divulges more of the history of Gotham before the turn of the century, with Gates of Gotham having been originally intended to be a precursor to Night of Owls. The crossover has been described by writer Scott Snyder as the first story arc of the Batman trilogy that he is planning. According to Snyder, in terms of internal chronology, the story arc takes place in a single night. - From Winkipidia. \r
Night of Owls Crossover Books: All-Star Western, vol. 3, #9 Batman, vol. 2, #8-11 Batman Annual #1 Batman: The Dark Knight, vol. 2, #9 Batwing #9 Batman and Robin, vol. 2, #9 Birds of Prey, vol. 3, #9 Batgirl, vol. 4, #9 Catwoman, vol. 4, #9 Detective Comics, vol. 2, #9 Nightwing, vol. 3, #8-9 Red Hood and the Outlaws #9 Justice League vol. 2 #8 (brief appearance of the Talons)\r
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