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4 years ago

My Little Pony Friendship Celebration Cutie Mark Magic Part 1 - Best App For Kids

Its a different party everyday in Ponyville in the Hasbro My Little Pony Friendship Celebration app! Check your mailbox for invitations and then join Princess Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and other Ponies for virtual tea parties, games, and pictures!\r
TEA PARTIES – Attend a virtual tea party with a variety of tasty Ponyville foods like cake, éclairs, apples, and other treats you can serve to your Pony friends! Unlock more as you play!\r
GAMES - It wouldnt be a party without virtual games and each Pony has her favorite! Bobbing for apples with Applejack! Finding books with Princess Twilight Sparkle! Chasing away storm clouds with Rainbow Dash! Feeding bunnies with Fluttershy and more!\r
PHOTO - Finish off the party with a themed photo of your favorite Ponies to remember your day!\r
SCAN My Little Pony Cutie Mark Magic toys with a heart-shaped code (each sold separately) to host your own themed party!\r
The more parties you attend, the more virtual goodies, gifts and other neat things you unlock. Level up to discover all the Ponyville surprises!\r
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