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4 years ago

Candy Crush Soda Saga Bubblegum Hill (All 5 Levels Sep. 3rd)

Candy Crush Soda Saga Bubblegum Hill all 5 levels completed with no boosters and played by Pete Peppers for This video shows players the strategy to beat this set of Candy Crush Soda Bubblegum Hill levels. This set of Bubblegum Hill levels were released on September 3rd new along with some other variations. If you are having trouble getting past these Soda Saga Bubblegum Hill levels we hope our video will help. Watch how we took the throne to rule Bubblegum Hill, and leave a comment if you have any questions. We will try to add the other versions if we can get access to accounts with those sets.\r
If you need tips or a video for a Soda level check our complete level index for the most up to date ver-sions of every Candy Crush Soda level - \r
If you are looking for tips on a Candy Crush Soda Saga level or want to find new friends who play join our Facebook group - \r
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