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4 years ago

GTPAL Nursing Explanation Made Easy w/ Examples & Price Problems Quiz | Maternity NCLEX

GTPAL nursing explanation made easy (GTPAL twins explained) with examples and quiz of price problems for the NCLEX exam. In this video, I explain the GTPAL acronym, GTPAL meaning, and solve some examples. My examples include calculating GTPAL for twins and triplets. GTPAL stands for: \r
Gravidity: number of times the woman has been pregnant (THIS INCLUDES CURRENT PREGNANCY, MISCARRIAGES, ABORTIONS and *twins/triplets count as one).\r
Term Births: number born (alive or stillborn) at 37 weeks gestation onward (*twins/triplets count as one)\r
Preterm births: number born 20-37 weeks (alive or stillborn) (*twins/triplets counts as one)\r
Abortion: pregnancy losses before 20 weeks (counts as a pregnancy…so would put in gravidity as well)** if baby died after 20 weeks it is added under preterm or term not abortion.\r
Living children: number of children living (NOTE: twin/triplets counts individually)\r
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