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4 years ago

Woman bakes laxative brownies for coworker, loses her job - TomoNews

TomoNews US
TomoNews US
SALINE, MICHIGAN — A 47-year-old Michigan woman has lost her job after local police discovered she put laxatives in brownies on purpose for co-worker's farewell party.

According to the Saline Post, police said the woman, who worked at a engineering firm, had dumped a tube of laxatives into the brownie batter.

The woman reportedly didn't like the co-worker who was leaving.

But before she could pass out the laxative treats, someone tipped off the company, allowing her supervisors to confiscate the brownies and called cops.

While questioning the woman, she denied putting the laxatives into the mix. The cops said they were happy to get the treats analyzed, that's when she confessed and called it a "bad joke."

Fortunately nobody ate the brownies, and the company had no other option than to fire the woman and press charges against her for her little prank.

In an interview with Charlotte observer, Saline Police Chief Jerrod Hart said a lot of times movies or TV shows have someone attempting to put medication into food as a joke, but it is actually very serious as it's both unnecessary and criminal.
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