Minion Cat Costume | DIY Pet Costume Tutorial
  • 6 years ago
Its my cute funny cat with her minion costume.\r
I made her this minion costume for Halloween because she deserve her own costumes too! ..and she did liked it.. see the pictures in the end of the video.\r
I hope you will enjoy watching my funny cat costume and also check the other tutorials in of this collaboration:\r
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When you make your pet a costume remember a few things:\r
- You must use light and soft materials.\r
- The costume must be comfortable and safe to wear.\r
- Do not force the costume on your pet.\r
- After making the costume vent it to prevent any glue smell that will annoy your pet.\r
☆List of Materials & Tools☆\r
- Yellow fleece fabric\r
- Yellow thread and needle\r
- Sewing pins\r
- Scissors\r
- Marking pen for fabric\r
- Velcro\r
- Sellotape\r
- Empty toilet paper roll\r
- Grey fabric for the goggles\r
- Styrofoam ball\r
- X-ACTO knife\r
- Computer paper\r
- Drawing markers/pencils for the eye\r
- Water based varnish\r
- Fabric/Textile Glue (I use Gutermann HT2)\r
- Hot glue\r
- Black ribbon\r
- Black embroidery thread\r
- CAT\r
Any questions?\r
Just comment below - i check my channel every day.\r
See you soon..\r
2 cats & 1 doll\r
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