6 years ago

Miraculous Ladybug Games - Ladybug and Cat Noir Puzzle

Ladybug and Cat Noir Puzzle is the newest game of ability appeared on our site in which you have to do your best to solve a puzzle with ladybug and cat noir our heroes from Disney Channel. They make a perfect team together and they successfully save the city every time. In this game you have to use only the mouse to solve the puzzle, to put all the pieces to their place in order to solve that puzzle as fast as you can. Try to solve it quickly because in this way you will get a lot of points. Do your best to complete the game in order to get a lot of points, because in that way you can have the chance to enter in the top of the best players in the world, but for that you have to work a lot. In the left side of the screen is the boy, Cat Noir, and in the right side of the screen is the main charer from the , the girl, Ladybug. In the real life both heroes are teenagers at the same high school but they don`t know each other`s identity. In this game you have to be careful at the time if you want to solve the puzzle fast. Try again and again until you succeed to solve the puzzle. \r
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