4 years ago

THIS is the NEW BMW F90 M5! A First Drive

This is the new BMW M5! I join BMW M in France for a first look and pre-drive with the new F90 M5, introducing 4WD to the model for the first time. But the important question is does this spoil the fun?

The short answer is most certainly not! The new system offers the option to go full 2WD, but for anything other than show boating you'd be best sticking to use all the wheels. It's faster, quicker off the line, allows earlier power in the corners, more grip, and of course safety too. This drive was an exclusive opportunity with BMW M at their test centre in Miramas, South of France, of a prototype car ahead of the full unveiling later. Naturally that means the car is fully covered in camouflage on both the exterior and interior, saving those parts for a future reveal but letting us have a first experience of the new drive train working with the 4.4l turbocharged V8.

The experience was made even more special by being able to join Timo Glock in the car, and being shown how to drive it properly! A huge thanks to Timo, and to BMW M for the opportunity to bring you this special video.

Thanks for watching, Tim

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