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3 years ago

ONLY IN DUBAI! SUVs Racing Supercars | VLOG

Something that you'll more or less only ever see in Dubai, is drag racing between supercars and heavily tuned SUVs and trucks! The Nissan Patrol is a particular favourite to tune up to beat supercars like the AMG GT S, Nissan GT-R, Audi R8 etc. However, bring some Underground Racing R8s and GT-Rs to the table and things start to get very, very interesting...

Spending a little bit of time at the Dubai Autodrome during the Roll Racing DXB evening gives an insight into the event, before we get moving for a run around time - where bizarrely enough it starts to rain. Rain... Dubai... That's not supposed to happen! However, there are a few cars to be found before we tuck the R8 back up away in its stable for the evening.

Thanks for watching, Tim

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