Ride Of The Century new ROC Motorcycle Stunt Riders Takeover St Louis, MO - Blox Starz TV

  • 6 years ago
Watch as 2000 plus motorcycle stunt riders takeover Saint Louis, MO performing insane stunts like wheelies, drifts, burn outs, stoppies, & tons of other wild & crazy tricks. Ride Of The Century new ROC is the 10th annual year this event has be taken place hosted by the Streetfighterz every year in St Louis, MO. Tons of street bike stunt riders takeover the streets, roads, intersections, freeways & highways of Saint Louis, Missouri on custom tricked out stuntbikes set up for performing motorbike stunts. This street ride has takes place once a year & is the biggest ride of its kind. There is no other street ride world wide that is as big as Ride Of The Century ROC. The Streetfighterz our true pioneers or OG in the sport of street bike freestyle & have been around since the beginning of stunt riding with fans & friends alike around the world & they all show up in Saint Louis, MO once a year for Ride Of The Century ROC Each year the ride gets bigger & bigger. Riders bring there Crotch Rockets & perform wheelies, wheelie combos, circle wheelies, stoppies, endo, drifting, arocs & burnouts on public roadways in front of the police & may other public spectators. Most stunt riders wear safety gear like gloves & a helmet in case by chance they crash or wreck there motorcycle by accident. Also if a rider does crash or wreck it is best to have motorcycle insurance. If rider get a ticket or have trouble with the police or cops most hire a motorcycle lawyer or motorcycle attorney to take care of the problem. new ROC Baby Enjoy The MADNESS!!!!!\r
Music By: Field Of Grey America Beauty