5 years ago

Part 1: Steroid Use Before Bodybuilding | A Conversation With Nick Trigili

Nick Trigili reveals his attempt to rush towards greatness in sports using steroids.

A CONVERSATION WITH NICK TRIGILI - is a six part sit down interview with Nick after his explosive and controversial Instagram video showcasing exactly how to inject steroids into your delts. In an industry that shuns talk of steroids, Nick is surprisingly vocal. Vlad Yudin sat down with Nick to get the full story... exposing a side of bodybuilding you may not have known exists.

In April, bodybuilder Nick Trigili uploaded a video on Instagram showing exactly how to effectively inject steroids into your delts. It was a rare moment of honesty, with Nick literally using a pencil to show specifically how to do every detail. The video went viral and shook the bodybuilding world. But like every video - there is more to the man and his story beyond the one minute clip. 

In part one of our six part interview series with Nick Trigili, Nick gives us a little bit of his back story and explains how he tried to use steroids to improve as quickly as possible. But he eventually learned that unlike many other sports - even with drugs involved - bodybuilding rewards time and muscle maturity. No matter how young you become a pro, there is a reason why most champions are above their 30's. Nick also touches upon bodybuilding sponsorships and a side you don't often see to being a sponsored athlete. Check it all out in part one above!

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